Direct Descendants of Richard (1) HALL and his son Richard (2), through W.C. Hall(20) and J.L. Hall(21)

Compiled by William C. Hall and Jeffrey L. Hall


Generation No. 1


1.  RICHARD 11 HALL died March 04, 1729/30 in Bradford, Mass. (left will).  He married MARTHA BENSON c. 1671. She joined the church of Bradford from Haverhill (Bradford town records).


Notes for RICHARD 1 HALL:

        In the book "Genealogy and Family History of the State of New Hampshire" under Hall it is stated that Deacon Richard Hall of Stratford-on-Avon, England came to America with his brother John, and settled in Dorchester, Mass. then moved to Bradford, Mass.  It has since been proven (Sherry Marshall) that Deacon Richard Hall of Bradford was not the man or the son of Richard Hall of Dorchester or Roxbury. It has been established (Jeff Hall) through contact with the Shakespeare Trust in Stratford-on-Avon that no Richard Hall’s were born in or near S-o-A in the correct time frame. Further, no proof whatsoever has been found that Richard of Bradford had a brother John. The “Genealogy and Family History of the State of New Hampshire” goes on to list all the male children Richard had in Bradford, the latter of which I have verified in the V.R. of Bradford births.  However, the New Hampshire History book also says that they had two daughters, Sarah and Joanna.  Neither of these women is listed in the Bradford V.R. births, but Sarah is mentioned in the Bradford V.R. deaths in 1690. Daughters Mary and a Martha are listed in the Bradford V.R. births as children of Richard and Martha. There is no evidence of Joanna, and could either have died young (why not in V.R.’s), or could be confused with the wife of another Richard Hall. Sarah, it is now known (Suffolk County Court Records 1671-1680), was born out of wedlock, and Richard and Martha were sentenced in 1672 to 15 lashes or 40 shillings for their indiscretion.


Notes for MARTHA:

        In Torrey's marriages before 1700 there is no last name recorded for Martha.  It is now known to be BENSON. This was discovered after Jeffrey Hall discovered the Suffolk County Court Records that describe Richard and Martha as “formerly of Hull”. When investigating which Martha of Hull married a Hall, it would found that Martha Benson was the one, thanks to Hal Bradley and other Benson researchers. Martha never appears again in Hull records.


Marriage Notes for RICHARD HALL and MARTHA:

        In Torrey's "New England Marriages prior to 1700" the following was found:  HALL, Richard & Martha ________?; b 1672(3?); Bradford.


Children of RICHARD HALL and MARTHA are:


                       i.      SARAH HALL, b. c. 1671 Possibly in Haverhill; d. 1690 in Bradford, MA.

                      ii.      JOHN HALL, b. March 22, 1672/73.

Notes for JOHN HALL:

Birth confirmed in the V.R. of Bradford, Mass.  Name also noted as son of Richard in the “Genealogy and Family History of the State of New Hampshire”.

                    iii.      RICHARD HALL, b. February 06, 1675/76, Bradford, Mass.; d. Abt. 1760 in Harvard, MA.

                    iv.      JOSEPH HALL, b. February 19, 1679/80.

Notes for JOSEPH HALL:

Birth confirmed in the v.R. of Bradford, Mass. as well as in the “Genealogy and Family History of the State of New Hampshire” under the name Hall.

                      v.      MARY HALL, b. 1684.

                    vi.      MARTHA HALL, b. March 11, 1686/87.


Generation No. 2


2.  RICHARD 22 HALL (RICHARD 11) was born February 06, 1675/76 in Bradford, Mass., and died Abt. 1760 in Harvard, MA.  He married (1) ABIGAIL DALTON April 24, 1699 in Bradford, Mass., daughter of SAMUEL DALTON.  He married (2) MEHETEBALL BARKER April 26, 1715.


Notes for RICHARD 2 HALL:

        Birth date confirmed in V.R. of Bradford, Mass.  Name also cited under Hall in the “Genealogy and Family History of the state of New Hampshire”.



                   i.    ABIGAIL3 HALL, b. October 17, 1702.

                  ii.    HANNAH HALL, b. September 11, 1704.

                 iii.    MEHETIBLE HALL, b. June 19, 1712.

                 iv.    RICHARD HALL JR., b. February 12, 1700/01.

                  v.    SAMUEL HALL, b. January 11, 1706/07.

                 vi.    SARAH HALL, b. September 15, 1700.



3.             vii.    TIMOTHY3 HALL, b. February 03, 1718/19, Bradford, Mass.; d. September 13, 1751, Harvard, Mass..

4.            viii.    NATHAN HALL, b. December 25, 1715, Bradford, Mass.; d. May 07, 1807, Mason, NH (site not yet found-JLH).

                 ix.    EPHRAIM HALL, b. February 10, 1716/17, Bradford, Mass..

                  x.    JAMES HALL, b. September 25, 1720, Bradford, Mass.; d. December 10, 1741, Tewksbury, Mass..


Notes for JAMES HALL:

       Drowned in Tweksbury.


                 xi.    MARTHA HALL, b. November 05, 1722, Bradford, Mass..



Generation No. 3


3.  TIMOTHY3 HALL (RICHARD 22, RICHARD 11) was born February 03, 1718/19 in Bradford, Mass., and died September 13, 1751 in Harvard, Mass..  He married MARY COBURN October 07, 1744 in Harvard, Mass., daughter of JACOB COBURN and JOHANNA VARNUM.


Children of TIMOTHY HALL and MARY COBURN are:

5.                i.    TIMOTHY4 HALL, JR., b. February 18, 1752, Harvard, Mass.; d. Abt. 1800, Wilton, New Hampshire.

                  ii.    MARY HALL, b. August 25, 1749.

                 iii.    JOHN HALL, b. May 22, 1747.


4.  NATHAN3 HALL (RICHARD 22, RICHARD 11) was born December 25, 1715 in Bradford, Mass., and died May 07, 1807 in Mason, NH (site not yet found-JLH).  He married MARY CHAPMAN.



Property: Abt. 1750, Take Meetinghouse N. from Mason Ctr. Left on Greenville. Property was on right just after turn (now woods).



vii.   Nathan Hall, b. 25 Dec. 1715, d. Mason, N.H. 7 May 1807; Tewksbury 18 Feb. 1742 Mary Chapman of Boxford, Mass., perhaps b. there 29 March 1723, [not in Boxford VRs], d. Mason, N.H. 27 Oct. 1810 (Mason 285). The first two children were born at Tewksbury, while some later ones were rec. in Groton and Pepperell (Tewksbury VRs, 42; Groton VRs, 104; Pepperell VRs, 59-60). Nathan and Mary (Chapman) Hall removed ca. 1751-52 to Mason, N.H., where the last five children here were apparently born (Mason, 202):


1.     James Hall, b. Tewksbury 2.5 July 1743; prob. the  James of "No. One" who m. (rec. Pepperell, Mass.) 3 Feb. 1767 Sarah Roe.

2.     Mary Hall, b. Tewksbury 9 March 1745.

3.     Nathan Hall, Jr., b. Groton, Mass. 23 Aug. 1748, bp. Pepperell 28 Aug. 1748.

4.     Mehetable Hall, b. Groton 3 Dec. 1750, bp. Pepperell 3 Dec. 1750.

5.     David Hall, b. Mason, N.H. 24 Jan. 1754 (Mason, 202), d. Mason 25 Aug. 1824, ae. '71 yrs." (ibid., 217).

6.     Daniel Hall, b. 5 May 1756 (ibid., 202).

7.     Henry Hall, b. 26 Oct. 1758 (ibid.).

8.     Elizabeth Hall, b. 5 March 1765 (ibid.).

9.     Richard Hall, b. 12 Sept. 1768 (ibid.), d. Mason. 16 July 1822, ae. "54 y." (ibid., 217).



Children of NATHAN HALL and MARY CHAPMAN are:

                   i.    JAMES4 HALL, b. July 25, 1743, Tewksbury; m. SARAH ROE, February 03, 1767.

                  ii.    MARY HALL, b. March 09, 1744/45, Tewksbury.

                 iii.    NATHAN HALL, JR., b. August 23, 1748, Groton, MA.


More About NATHAN HALL, JR.:

Baptism: August 28, 1748, Pepperell, MA


                 iv.    MEHETABLE HALL, b. December 03, 1750, Groton, MA.



Baptism: December 03, 1750, Pepperell, MA


                  v.    DAVID HALL, b. January 24, 1754, Mason, NH; d. August 25, 1824, Mason, NH.

                 vi.    DANIEL HALL, b. May 05, 1756, Mason, NH.

                vii.    HENRY HALL, b. October 26, 1758, Mason, NH.

               viii.    ELIZABETH HALL, b. March 05, 1765, Mason, NH.

                 ix.    RICHARD HALL, b. September 12, 1768, Mason, NH; d. July 16, 1822, Mason, NH.



Generation No. 4


5.  TIMOTHY4 HALL, JR. (TIMOTHY3, RICHARD 22, RICHARD 11) was born February 18, 1752 in Harvard, Mass., and died Abt. 1800 in Wilton, New Hampshire.  He married SARAH KEYES, daughter of JOHN KEYES JR. and ABIGAIL LIVERMORE. Marriage recorded in Northborough, MA.


Notes for TIMOTHY HALL, JR.:

        Jeffrey L. Hall discovered this information about James Hall's parents on March 18, 2002 after extensive earlier work had been done by his brother William C. Hall, leading up to this event.  It has been about 5 years in the making!  Eureka!  he lived for a time in Wilton, N.H. when James was born.  This Timothy Hall was born in Harvard, Mass. and was the son of Timothy Hall of Harvard.

        The history of Wilton, New Hampshire lists the Timothy Hall family and their children as noted.  It also said, "Timothy Hall bought of Archelaus Putnam lot No. 17, ninth range, deed dated March 26, 1774.  He was last taxed in Wilton in 1799.  The previously described piece of land was of 90 acres and he is said to have paid 60 pounds for it.  60 acres of it was sold to a Mr. Hood in 1784 for 140 pounds.  The remainder of this land or another piece of property that Timothy farmed but perhaps didn't own was sold in 1803 by Timothy Hall's heirs; Sarah, his wife; Timothy, his son; John, his son; and Sally, his daughter and her husband, John Holt.


Children of TIMOTHY HALL and SARAH KEYES are:

6.                i.    JAMES5 HALL, b. January 07, 1787, Wilton, New Hampshire; d. August 22, 1841, Worcester, Massachusetts.

                  ii.    TIMOTHY HALL, b. September 28, 1776.

                 iii.    SARAH HALL, b. April 26, 1778.

7.              iv.    JOHN HALL, b. February 19, 1780, Wilton, New Hampshire; d. April 04, 1857, Worcester, Mass..

                  v.    MEHITABLE HALL, b. June 20, 1782.

                 vi.    MOLLY HALL, b. September 06, 1785.



Generation No. 5


6.  JAMES5 HALL (TIMOTHY4, TIMOTHY3, RICHARD 22, RICHARD 11) was born January 07, 1787 in Wilton, New Hampshire1, and died August 22, 1841 in Worcester, Massachusetts2.  He married SILANCE PARKER3,3 Abt. October 12, 1811 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts4, daughter of HOLLIS PARKER and LOUISA BRAGG.


Notes for JAMES HALL:

        James was for a long time (100 years) the oldest member of the Hall family who had been traced.  He was born in 1787 as evidenced by the birth date on his gravestone.  This is also documented by a faded inscription in his bible noting his birth to be 1787 January __?  The exact day can not be read well.  In his death announcement in the National Aegis Newspaper and also in the death records of the State of Massachusetts his age is listed as 53 years old.  Since he died in August 1841 this would not correlate with a birth date in 1787 but rather 1788.  At this time we cannot say for sure if his age or birth date is correct.  We did not know who his parents were or where he originally came from.  James Hall was felt to have worked in Charlton or Sutton in his early years which is near Uxbridge.  He was a carpenter/steeplejack by trade.

        He was married to Silence Parker in October of 1811. Repeated efforts to find any Congregational Church records of his marriage in Shrewsbury have proved futile even with the help of a very enthusiastic church historian, Polly Kimmett.  She has stated however that the records are quite disorganized.  This marriage is noted in the Parker family genealogy book and was also verified by William Carl Hall in the vital records of the Town of Shrewsbury.  His death was also verified by W.C.H. in the Massachusetts death records first compiled in 1841 and the microfilm viewed at the New England Historical and Genealogical Society in Boston.  It was noted that he was 53 at the time of his death and that he died from a fall at a construction site in Worcester.  Oral history from William Edgar Hall indicates that his son William Eustis Hall was working with him and that he too was a carpenter.  A review of James's probate records, obtained by William Carl Hall, lists his place of residence as Northborough when he died.  No specific address was given and no land was mentioned in his estate.  His worldly possessions, consisting mostly of household items and carpenters tools, were appraised at about $85.00 and were left to his children (no one specifically).  His oldest son James Monroe Hall was mentioned in the legal papers as being of Shrewsbury at the time and signed papers turning over the handling of the estate to a local attorney.

        He is buried in the third oldest part of the cemetery behind the Congregational Church in the center of Shrewsbury.  The prominence and size of the plot (6 or 8 spaces) may be due to the prominence of his wife's family as she was buried first in 1832 following the birth of her last child.  Also buried there are William Judson Hall and his wife Annie Hovey as well as their son and his wife Robert Hall and Charlotte Williams.  Oral history from William Floyd Hall has it that William Judson or his son Robert Judson had the present HALL monument erected on the Shrewsbury plot and used the old marker from James and Silence as the base for the newer and larger monument and put it atop the old stone!

        Correspondence with the historian for the Town of Northborough in the summer of 2001, Bob Ellis, reveals that James Hall did live in town in at least 1839-1841 and paid poll taxes for 1839 and had his taxes paid for him in 1842 by the executor of his estate.  He may have been in arrears for the years 1840 and 1841.  The small amount of his taxes would indicate that he did not own a house or land.  He was hired in 1837 or 1838 to oversee the construction of the new Center District school, now the Grange Hall on School Street for 10 shillings per day but walked off the job much to the disadvantage of the town for reasons unknown.  This was recorded in the Northborough history published in 1921.  The tax records for the town from 1836 - 1838 were lost according to Mr. Ellis and James does not appear on any of the earlier records.  Presumably, he may have been living in Shrewsbury or elsewhere then.

        On Oct. 18,2001, William C. Hall reviewed the 1830 and 1840 census records for Worcester County and specifically the Town of Northborough at the NEHG.  James was not found in the 1830 census in Northborough.  He was however noted in the Northborough census for the year 1840.  His name was listed after Asaph Rice and before Harriett Eager, Elijah Ball Jr. and John R. Miller.  No middle initial is used for James Hall in this record.  After James' name is listed 1 male 15-20 yrs., 1 male 50-60, presumably James himself, 1 female 5-10, 2 females 15-20, 1 female 20-30, for a total of six in the household.  His wife Silence had long since predeceased him.  It also listed one person in the family employed in manufacturing and trades.  A close scrutiny of the 1830 census records for Worcester County did show a James Hall at the end of page 277 next to the bottom of the page for Shrewsbury.  After his entry as head of household is listed 1 5-10 year old male, (William Eustis), 1 10-15 year old male, (James Munroe), 1 40-50 year old male, (James himself), 1 5-10 year old female, (Mary Jane), 1 10-15 year old female, (Anna Parker), 1 15-20 year old female, (Louisa Augusta or Sarah Zebiah, one of these two may have been married, dead?, or out of the house) and 1 40-50 year old female, (Silence, the mother).  Silence Maria had not been born yet.  Under categories at the end of the census James is not listed as a foreigner, naturalized, or freeman of color other than white.  Therefore, I believe him to have been born in the United States.  Also, no one was listed as deaf, dumb, or blind in the family.  At the time of this 1830 census Shrewsbury was a town of 1386 people.

        I, William C. Hall, feel that I have come across James Hall in the Worcester County census of 1820 in Sutton, Mass., a town that has had a great many Halls in it since the early 1700s.  Two other bits of information are contributory here as I found no other James Hall listed in any Worcester County towns for this census period and the Parker family genealogy account has James Hall falling off the meeting house (not injured) in Sutton in 1828.  At the time of this 1820 census report there was 1 male under 10 years of age, (James Munroe), and three females less than 10 years old, (Sarah Zebiah, Louisa Augusta and Anna Parker), and one female 26-45 presumably his wife Silence.  Now, what is troubling is that there is no adult male checked off that would represent the father James.  The answer I got to this question at the NEHG was that these were imperfect records and they probably just forgot!  Could you be in jail, or have left the family, been in the service, worked elsewhere, or been dead and this is the wrong James?


        In an e-mail communication with Bob Ellis, Northborough town historian, He felt that James Hall and his family were most likely borders at the homestead of Asaph Rice.  He was a widower of about 72 years of age and lived on a farm on Lincoln Street.  There were no other immediate neighbors and it is quite possible that James Hall could have grown crops there as were mentioned in his probate records.  According to Mr. Ellis Asaph Rice was the cousin of Jacob Rice whose daughter, Sophia married James Hall's son James Munroe Hall in 1840.  He stated that Jacob Rice married his wife Nancy Barber of Shrewsbury in 1805 and their daughter was Sophia Rice.  There is a photo of this Rice family homestead in the Northborough Historical Society.  The original house "perished" according to Bob Ellis in 1900.

        Personal communication on June 28, 2001 with Denis Laurie of the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, Mass. show that he found mention of James Hall's fatal accident in the Massachusetts Spy Aug. 25, 1841.  His recollection was that he was hit by a timber and "lingered" for two days before dying.  Also mentioned was a previous fall he had had working on another project earlier in his life.  There was also a death notice.  He also found the probate postings on Sept. 15 and 22 of 1841 as well as the postings on Sept. 14, 21, 28 of 1842.  "If no claim against estate children would get inheritance."


        William C. Hall personally visited the American Antiquarian Society on August 17, 2001 and found the microfilm record of James Hall's probate notice of September, 1841 in the Mass. Spy Newspaper.  It revealed nothing that wasn't already known from his probate papers already obtained.  The National Aegis, another paper in Worcester at the time, had James's death notice as of August 22, 1841 and listed his age as 53 years.  In the August 25, 1841 Mass. Spy Newspaper there was a story of his accident which revealed that he was hit in the head by a timber while working constructing wood sheds for the Boston and Worcester Railroad in the rail yards in Worcester.  He died two days after his accident. The newspaper article from 1841 about his death also commented on the fact that he had fallen "a few years earlier" from a meeting house spire in Charlton but was not visibly injured.  This account is in conflict with the data from the Parker family genealogy which states that he fell from the meeting house spire in Sutton in 1828.


        After a very rewarding consultation with Marcia Melnyk of the NEHG, I sent off, at her suggestion, for the death certificates of Wm. Eustis Hall and his brother James M. Hall to see if they listed the birthplace of their parents, most notably James Hall.  I have received Wm. Eustis's report and it indicated an unknown city in New Hampshire.  This I consider a real breakthrough!  On March 18, 2002 Jeffrey Lee Hall cracked the case of the origin of James Hall!  On information from his brother, William Carl Hall, Jeff located records in Concord, New Hampshire indicating that James Hall was the son of Timothy and Sarah Hall, and was probably the youngest of six children.



        Silence was born in Hubbardston, MA on Great Farm No. 1. This was a 500 acre farm at the exact eastern corner of Hubbardston (a diamond shaped town). Great Farm No. 1 was later ceded to the town of Princeton, MA (Princeton Town History). The farm today is very swampy and has only dirt roads crossing it. Her father moved the family back to Shrewsbury not long after Silence’s birth,  where he was originally from. The Parker’s had a large family place there.  The Parkers were some of the earliest denizens of the area although they were not founders.  She is related to Capt. John Parker of the Minute Men and the family can trace its origins back to Lexington and Reading MA.


Her brother, Amos Parker, was the long-time postmaster and Doctor of Bolton, MA and his house still stands to this day (2005).


Silence died just a few days after giving birth to her seventh child at the age of 46.  The girl was subsequently called Silence Maria Hall.  Her name is spelled as Silance in the Parker family genealogy.  She was the first to be buried in the Hall plot at the Mountain View Cemetery in Shrewsbury, Mass.


Children of JAMES HALL and SILANCE PARKER are:

8.                i.    WILLIAM EUSTIS6 HALL, b. April 26, 1824, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts; d. July 06, 1907, Worcester, Massachusetts.

                  ii.    SARAH ZEBIAH HALL, b. October 02, 1813.



       There is a book among the Hall family books given to William Carl Hall by his uncle William Floyd Hall  and it was given to Albert Eustis Hall by his aunt Sarah Newell.  My guess is that that was Sarah Zebiah Hall's married name and that she might have lived in the Worcester area.


                 iii.    LOUISA AUGUSTA HALL, b. June 28, 1815; m. UNK. NAME SALTUS.



       She is said by William Edgar Hall to have married a cranky old seacaptain whose last name was Saltus and they moved to Odell Illinois (Ohio?) where they died and had no children.

       There is at least one book of Albert E. Hall's that is inscribed to Albert from Aunt Louisa.

       In the Parker family genealogy book she is said to have been a school-teacher in Northborough, Mass.



       He was said by William Edgar Hall to be a cranky old sea captain and they moved to Odell, Illinois (possibly Ohio) and he didn't think they had any children.


9.              iv.    JAMES MUNROE HALL, b. July 22, 1817, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts; d. November 18, 1886, Brookfield, Massachusetts.

                  v.    ANNA PARKER HALL, b. November 13, 1819.

10.            vi.    MARY JANE HALL, b. December 08, 1821.

11.           vii.    SILANCE MARIA HALL, b. April 16, 1832.

               viii.    IDA HALL ?.


Notes for IDA HALL ?:

       I do not have Ida listed as a child of James and Silence Hall by the V.R. of Shrewsbury but William Edgar Hall said she existed and married a James Montague and they went to California and had an orange grove in Riverside, California.  They had a son "Jimmy" Montague who became a very successful lawyer on the West Coast (where?).

William Edgar Hall said that James and Silance had 9 children and I can only account for 7 of them at this time.  I do think that Wm. Edgar was confused about Ida as the will of William Eustis Hall listed as one of his heirs Edna Montague, James M. Hall's daughter, as the person who moved to Riverside Calif and had a son who was a successful lawyer.  I do not think at this time that there was an Ida Hall daughter of James and Silance Hall.


7.  JOHN5 HALL (TIMOTHY4, TIMOTHY3, RICHARD 22, RICHARD 11) was born February 19, 1780 in Wilton, New Hampshire, and died April 04, 1857 in Worcester, Mass..  He married NANCY MOORE, daughter of THADEUS MOORE and TABITHA GREEN.


Notes for JOHN HALL:

        This John Hall is the older brother of James Hall who is in our family line.  He may have preceeded James to the Worcester area and that may have been why James came to Worcester. His death record found at the NEHG revealed his occupation to be that of carpenter.  Interestingly, the 1869 and other years Worcester City Directories list a William G. Hall as a carpenter whose home is listed as Leicester N.W. (a street or location in Worcester).  Also listed as living at Leicester N.W. is Nancy Judson Hall Hosmer the widow of Luther Hosmer Jr. and Leicester N.W. is the address given for John Hall, James's brother, in the 1850 census.  This would be the last one he was in before he died. 

        John's death record confirmed his death on Apr. 4, 1857, age 77y, place of residence Leicester St.? Worcester, cause of death consumption, condition widow, occupation carpenter, place of birth Wilton, N.H., names of parents not listed.


Children of JOHN HALL and NANCY MOORE are:

                   i.    NANCY JUDSON6 HALL, b. November 28, 1823, Worcester, Mass.; d. November 03, 1878, Worcester, Mass.; m. LUTHER HOSMER JR., July 01, 1846, Worcester, Massachusetts.



       This is the first time that the surname of Judson turns up in the Hall family tree.

       Her death record lists her as being married,age 55y. 11m. 5d., disease paralysis, residence Worcester, occupation none listed,place of birth Worcester, Mass. parents John and Nancy.


                  ii.    JOHN HALL JR., d. January 12, 1869, Worcester, Mass..


Notes for JOHN HALL JR.:

       In the index to deaths in Worcester this person is listed as the son of John and Nancy.  Unfortunately the microfim for his detailed death record is missing from the files of the NEHG so more details will have to wait until it is replaced.  If this turns out to be the son of John as I suspect he is we have him married to Sophia Prouty and there will be children to be added to the records.


12.            iii.    WILLIAM G. HALL, b. 1815.

13.            iv.    WILLARD MORE HALL, b. April 15, 1820.



Generation No. 6


8.  WILLIAM EUSTIS6 HALL (JAMES5, TIMOTHY4, TIMOTHY3, RICHARD 22, RICHARD 11) was born April 26, 1824 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, and died July 06, 1907 in Worcester, Massachusetts.  He married MIRANDA SARAH WOOD July 03, 1849, daughter of MR. WOOD and MRS. WOOD.



        William Eustis Hall is the second and youngest son of James Hall and Silence Parker.  His middle name of Eustis may be from one of the early governors of the State of Maine whom his father, it is said, held in high regard.  I think there is a town in Maine called Eustis and this name is a lead that should be followed regarding the origins of James Hall.  He apparently took up the carpenters trade along with his father, and according to William Edgar Hall's oral history of the family, he may have been present on the job site when his father James died.  He is said to have left Shrewsbury after his father's death in 1841 and first worked in Worcester then he went to Connecticut.  It was from here that he got the idea from an associate to move to the Chicago area for work and opportunity.  He apparently found both in abundance.  Working first on the detailed woodwork on the interior of railroad passenger cars and later opening his own sash and blind business he seems to have amassed a sizeable fortune.

        During the Civil War he paid one of his workers $500 to serve in his stead which was a commonly accepted practice of the time.  William Edgar Hall related that the employee was killed in one of the early engagements of the war.

         The family lived in Englewood, Illinois a section of Chicago until they returned to Worcester, Mass. in embarrassment, it is said, from the divorce of their son Albert Eustis from his first wife Elizabeth Sarah Behrs.  William Edgar Hall noted that his parents fought or did not get along well.  Story has it that William Eustis and his wife encouraged Elizabeth to "go away" or leave her husband which she eventually did.  Also William Eustis is the one that was supposed to have negotiated and paid for the removal of William Edgar from his mother so that he might return to Worcester and be raised by Hall family.  A sum of $600 dollars was involved in the transfer on the train, a move that would result in William Edgar never seeing his birth mother again. 

        Upon removing himself to Worcester, William Eustis apparently lived the life of a gentleman farmer with a property at 98 Woodland Street on what is now the grounds of Clark University.  His house was for a time the faculty house until it was torn down.  The date of sale of the house to Clark Ubiversity was about 1920.  It was demolished and a dormitory stands there now.  William Edgar relates wrestling pigs at the place and that grandfather had buggies and a surrey with a fringe for traveling.  His obituary indicates that he was not much of a joiner of clubs or organizations but did belong to the Pilgrim Church in Worcester.



        She is said to have been one of 13 children and was William Edgar Hall's grandmother.  She was also the alleged instigator of the arranged marriage between her son Albert Eustis Hall and her sister's daughter Mabel Wood for the purpose of keeping the Hall money in the Wood family.


Children of WILLIAM HALL and MIRANDA WOOD are:

14.              i.    ALBERT EUSTIS7 HALL, b. June 11, 1855, Worcester, Massachusetts; d. July 01, 1900, Worcester, Massachusetts.

                  ii.    ALICE LOUISA HALL, b. September 01, 1858; d. February 06, 1862.



       Alice was the only female child in the Hall family until Teydin Hall, daughter of Jeffrey Hall, was born.  Alice died young at the age of three and one half years.

       In an application to "The Sons of the Revolutionary War" for Jeff Hall in 1972, Albert Lee Hall had written in the margin that Alice Hall was born 1858 and died 1862.  This seems to be verified by the entries in one of the old large Hall famly Bibles.  I need to send off to Cook County for death records to verify.

       William C. Hall also believes that at least two early Ambrotype pictures may be of Alice.


15.            iii.    WILLIAM JUDSON HALL, b. September 14, 1861; d. 1921.


9.  JAMES MUNROE6 HALL (JAMES5, TIMOTHY4, TIMOTHY3, RICHARD 22, RICHARD 11) was born July 22, 1817 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, and died November 18, 1886 in Brookfield, Massachusetts.  He married SOPHIA RICE October 02, 1840 in probably Northborough, Mass., daughter of JACOB RICE and NANCY BARBER.



        Little is known of James Munroe Hall at this time but he is mentioned in the probate records of his father James Hall.  He was living in Shrewsbury at the time of his father's death in 1841and he signed some of the papers as oldest son.He is said by William Edgar Hall to have moved to Brookfield, Mass.  I have sent a letter to the town clerk there to verify this and to see if they had any children there.     I received a response from the Brookfield Town Clerk stating that James M. and his wife Sophia Rice are listed in the vital records of the town kept prior to 1849.  Their birth was noted as copied from their gravestones which are in the Brookfield Cemetery.  I shall have to find out the dates of their deaths either through the death records for the state or by going to the cemetery personally and transcribing them.  Perhaps there will be other Halls in the same plot?

        Shrewsbury V.R. lists his birth as July 22, 1817, but Brookfield V.R.s list his birth date from cemetery marker as July 23, 1817.

        A trip by William C. Hall to Brookfield, Mass. on 4/27/01 revealed the following information.  James M. Hall, his wife Sophia (Rice) Hall and their son, George H. Hall are all buried in the main Brookfield Cemetary right on Rt. 9.  The plot is of substantial size, has a tombstone about 5 feet tall and is near the front wall of the cemetary not too far from the flagpole.  James and Sophia died in Nov. 1885 within 5 days of eachother and the report in the local paper noted the cause of death of both of them to be from "typhoid pneumonia".  Obituary said they attended the Congregational Church regularly and left a son and two daughters.  The children were grown when the parents moved to town and when they died the tax records show the estate disappearing from the tax roles in 1886 from the Hall name.

        J.M.Hall first appeared on the tax roles in 1871 when he paid $2.00 (poll tax?). In 1872 he paid $6.30 on money, but no land. By 1874 he owned a house and barn valued at $3500 and a 1/2 acre of land.  This went up to 1 acre for a while then back down to 1/2 acre.  1887 was last year he was mentioned on tax roles.  His house is a very stately brick one located on the map on the town green and built in the late 1700s.  It is now the Antiques on the Common shop and residence.

        Brookfield Times dated Nov. 26, 1886 stated:

        "Last week we announced the sudden death of Mr. James M. Hall of typhoid pneumonia and now we are pained to announce that his widow, Mrs. Sophia H. Hall survived him only until the following Tuesday, and died of the same disease and at the same hour of the day.  They were both worthy people, and consistent members of the Congregational Church for many years.  They leave a son and two daughters to mourn their loss."

        In James Hall's probate records his son James M. Hall is mentioned to be of Shrewsbury, Mass in Sept. of 1841, however the census done in 1840 does not show James M. Hall as listed as residing in Shrewsbury.  Did he move there after the census, was he missed, did he reside in a different part of the town listed as something else, or could he have been in someone elses household and not mentioned by name.  James M. was also not found in Brookfield or Grafton in the 1840 census.

        Interestingly and possibly unconnected W.C.H. found the following in the Worcester City Directories on 8/28/02.

First appearance, James M. Hall, carpenter 1870, h. 18 Myrtle.  In 1875 he is listed as a cabinetmaker, 21 Cypress, house 44 Salem.  In 1876 he does not appear in the city directory any longer.  Could this be the same James M. Hall?  


Notes for SOPHIA RICE:

        Marriage vital records of Shrewsbury found by William Carl Hall list Sophia as being from Northborough.  The date of Oct. 2, 1840 is the date of their intentions and probably not the actual date of marriage.

        Sophia (Rice) Hall had two living daughters and one son at the time of her death from "typhoid pneumonia" in Nov. 1886 just five days after her husband died of the same disease.  Vital records of Brookfield listed her age at the time of her death as 70 years and noted that she was the daughter of Jacob and Nancy Rice (quite possibly of Northborough, Mass.).


Marriage Notes for JAMES HALL and SOPHIA RICE:

        Personal e-mail communication with Robert Ellis, historian for Northborough, Mass. disclosed that he found a announcement of James M. Halls wedding to Sophia Rice on Oct. 20?, 1840. This was presumably in Northborough, Mass.  Jame M. was listed as being from Shrewsbury, Mass.


Children of JAMES HALL and SOPHIA RICE are:

                   i.    WILLIAM LYSANDER7 HALL, b. June 07, 1842; d. March 06, 1843.



       Data extracted from V.R. of Shrewsbury, Mass. by William Carl Hall.


                  ii.    JAMES ELIOT HALL, b. March 05, 1844; d. April 24, 1844.



       Died at one month and twenty days of "lung fever" according to V.R. of Shrewsbury.


                 iii.    MARY SOPHIA HALL, b. May 13, 1845, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.



       This information came from the V.R. of Shrewsbury, Mass.



16.            iv.    GEORGE HENRY HALL, b. February 03, 1848, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts; d. March 10, 1914, Boston, Massachusetts.

                  v.    EMMA HALL, m. GEORGE HOWARD.


Notes for EMMA HALL:

       Listed in William Edgar Hall's hand written family tree as a daughter of James M. Hall, but no record of her birth is seen in the V.R. of Shrewsbury, Mass.  She may have been born later elsewhere and be an additional child or may be the same person as Mary?

       She is said by William Edgar Hall to have had no children.

       William Floyd Hall thinks she was blind toward the end and lived and died in Brookfield, Mass.

       The will of William Eustis Hall leaves, "to my niece, Mrs. Emma Howard, of West Brookfield, Mass., the sum of $2000."


17.            vi.    EDNA HALL.


10.  MARY JANE6 HALL (JAMES5, TIMOTHY4, TIMOTHY3, RICHARD 22, RICHARD 11) was born December 08, 1821.  She married UNK. NAME TAYLOR.


Children of MARY HALL and UNK. TAYLOR are:

                   i.    JAKE7 TAYLOR.

                  ii.    MAMIE TAYLOR.



       Was "old Maid" according to William Edgar Hall.

William Floyd Hall thought that she lived in Brookfield, Mass. but her last residence was in Worcester, Mass. before she died.


11.  SILANCE MARIA6 HALL (JAMES5, TIMOTHY4, TIMOTHY3, RICHARD 22, RICHARD 11) was born April 16, 1832.  She married UNK. NAME TAYLOR?.



        Silance was the last child of James Hall and Silance Parker Hall as Silance her mother died a few days after her birth in 1832.  When her father James died in an accident in 1841 she was only 9 years old.  Court records obtained by William C. Hall in 2001 indicate that James M. Hall, Silance's married brother, petitioned and was appointed her guardian in October of 1842.  He lived with his wife Sophia Rice Hall in Shrewsbury at that time and presumably Silance grew up there with them.

        Silance Maria may be the person refered to as Mariah by William Edgar Hall in his oral recollection of the family.  She may have married a man whose last name was TAYLOR and they had two children.  Jake TAYLOR was one of the offspring.  It sounds like he was a dandy who had a gold cane, a setter dog, smoked big cigars and wore spats.  He was said to have had a daughter Ida.

        Their other child was Mamie Taylor who never married.  She worked in a store across from the Post Office in Worcester.  She is said to have lived in Brookfield, Mass. for a time but returned to Worcester where she died.  She lived on Main Street while in Worcester.

        In William Eustis Hall's will he refered to Miss Mamie Taylor as his niece, the daughter of his sister Maria Taylor (Silance Maria Hall presumably) and left to her in 1907 $5000 as well as a house at 541 Pleasant Street in Worcester, Mass.


Children of SILANCE HALL and UNK. TAYLOR? are:

                   i.    JAKE7 TAYLOR.

                  ii.    MAMIE TAYLOR.


12.  WILLIAM G.6 HALL (JOHN5, TIMOTHY4, TIMOTHY3, RICHARD 22, RICHARD 11) was born 1815.  He married SARAH E. DAVIS January 15, 1837 in Worcester, Mass..


Notes for WILLIAM G. HALL:

        I am quite sure that this is a son of John Hall because in William G's death record it lists his parents as John birthplace unk. and Nancy birthplace West Boylston.  He died Jan. 2, 1887, male,married,age 71y. 6m. 25d., cause of death apoplexy,lived in Warren, Mass, died in Warren, Mass. buried in Northampton, Mass., ocupation farmer (earlier in his life in the Worcester city directory he was listed as a carpenter living on Leicester St., Worcester), place of birth Leicester, parents as described above.  Info in Mass. Vital; records vol. 384, pg. 530.


Marriage Notes for WILLIAM HALL and SARAH DAVIS:

        This marriage information was obtained from the vital records book of Worcester, Mass. under the category of marriages in Worcester.



                   i.    EDWARD PAYSON7 HALL, b. January 03, 1842.



His birth was found in the Worcester vital records book.  No other children were noted in that book from William G. and Sarah Davis.  Did they have more elsewhere?  Warren, Mass.?


13.  WILLARD MORE6 HALL (JOHN5, TIMOTHY4, TIMOTHY3, RICHARD 22, RICHARD 11) was born April 15, 1820.  He married NANCY W..



        Willard More Hall is found in the Leicester vital records under births and is listed as the son of John and Nancy.  Leicester may have been a part of Worcester then which adds to the confusion and his date of birth fits with the other children of John and Nancy Hall.


Children of WILLARD HALL and NANCY W. are:

                   i.    ELMER LEROY7 HALL, b. October 03, 1844.

                  ii.    MARTHA V. HALL, b. December 29, 1846.

                 iii.    WILLARD WITCOMB HALL, b. August 05, 1840.



Generation No. 7


14.  ALBERT EUSTIS7 HALL (WILLIAM EUSTIS6, JAMES5, TIMOTHY4, TIMOTHY3, RICHARD 22, RICHARD 11) was born June 11, 1855 in Worcester, Massachusetts, and died July 01, 1900 in Worcester, Massachusetts.  He met (1) ELIZABETH CLARA BEHRS September 17, 1881 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, daughter of JOHN BEHRS and ELIZABETH MERTES.  He married (2) MABEL E. FISKE January 1892 in Worcester, Massachusetts ?, daughter of ISAAC FISKE and CLARA WOOD.



        Could be one of the more interresting Halls.  His parents had a good deal of wealth through hard work and he grew up in this environment.  It is said that he was supposed to have attended Lake Forest School but may not have started or finished.  At the age of 26 he apparently eloped with Elizabeth Behrs, a little educated first generation daughter of German immigrants.  They went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to be married by a judge in 1881.  It appears that this significantly displeased his parents.  They had two boys within two years.  As a result of fighting or the parents wish to separated them or because his mother wanted him to marry his cousin, Albert was packed off to Leadville, Colorado to live on the range for two years.  When he returned the divorce was apparently begun and he and his parents removed to Worcester because of the scandal of divorce.

        In Worcester, he eventually married his cousin, Mabel Fiske, and worked as a bookkeeper.  His wife died pregnant in April 1900 of uremia and he followed suit about three and a half months later.  His obituary claimed that he died of grief and he apparently failed terribly after his wife's death.  He had even enlisted the help of clairvoyants to contact his wife in death.  He is buried in the family plot at Hope Cemetary in Worcester, Mass.

        In recent conversations with Gloria Brown Engle, Elizabeth Behrs grand-daughter, she felt that Albert was of poor health and may even have had Tuberculosis.  We know his obituary said that he had asthma.  Also Gloria thought that Elizabeth Behrs worked as a domestic, possibly cook, for the Wm. Eustis Hall family in Chicago.  Elizabeth's father John Paul Behr was employed by the Pullman Company which is exactly where Wm. E. Hall worked when he first came to Chicago.




        Her people seem to have come from the Chicago area and were not well off financially.  Elizabeth is probably the oldest of thirteen children, had little formal education, and from her letters went to work about ten years of age.  She and Albert E. Hall seem to have eloped to Milwaukee, Wis. to be married.  She had William Edgar Hall 10 months later, and then another child Claton 2 years later.  William Edgar Hall says he was told they fought a lot and were eventually divorced.  It is said that Albert Eustis's father William Eustis wanted them divorced and made life tough for Elizabeth so she finally agreed to a divorce.  It is also said that Miranda Sarah Hall, Albert's mother had nothing against Elizabeth but wanted her son to marry his cousin so that the Hall family money would stay in the Hall and Fiske families.  William Edgar Hall tells the story that when his grandfather heard that Miranda had called her niece , Albert's cousin,  west to see Albert the father packed Albert off posthaste on the next train for Denver, Colorado and thence to Leadville, Colorado where Albert lived out on the range for 2 years.  This apparently didn't solve the problem as Albert eventually married Mable Fiske, his cousin.

        William Edgar Hall was taken from Elizabeth possibly for money and she was left with Clayton.  She apparently made one trip East in 1889 to see her son and ex-husband in Worcester, but came at the inopportune time of William Judson's wedding and her former husband, Albert, was escorting his cousin to the affair.  She writes that she was wisked off to a cheap hotel in downtown Worcester without windows and had no food for 24 hours.  She returned to Chicago and married Mr. Engleman 5 months later in May of 1890.

        They lived in Salt Lake City in the early 1900's at 808 Lincoln Ave.  About 1907 she claimed to have had 3 sisters and two brothers.  She did not like following her husband to mining camps at high altitudes because she had breathing problems and ear trouble she attributed to the elevation.  In one of her letters she states she recovered slowly from Typhoid.  She lost her hearing about 1903.

        She always signed her letters to William Edgar, "I remain your loving mother, Elizabeth Engleman".  He apparently didn't write as frequently later on as he could have.  I believe he was afraid that she would want to come to live with him and be financially dependent upon him.


        In personal e-mail correspondence with Gloria Engle she said that her mother Jessie Mae noted that her mother, Elizabeth Englemann wasted away quickly in front of her eyes.  That she was always hungry and ate but kept loosing weight.  Sounds like diabetes mellitus or cancer to me, W.C.H.  The photo of Elizabeth with her two granddaughters was probably taken just a few months before she died.  Gloria also does not remember Elizabeth Behrs Englemann being called anything but Lizzie.  I have conflicting dates of death, one for Nov. 20, 1919 and another for Nov. 13, 1920.  The 1919 death date is from the LDS records and is possibly more accurate.

        A phone call by Wm. C. Hall 2/2002 to the Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Salt Lake, Utah revealed that it does exist, and that Elizabeth C. Engleman is indeed buried there with her husband listed as Peter (Piere) Engleman.  Their records at that time did not include any obituaries nor was the secretary able to tell me her exact date of death, however she did have the records that showed she was interred Nov. 15, 1920.  She is in Section U, Lot 115, Plot 11.  Her husband is in Plot 10.  The cemetery is located in Salt Lake City proper in the northeast corner of the city at 13th East and 5th South.



        I have sent a letter to the Wisconsin Vital Records office as of Oct. 24, 2000 requesting the marriage certificate of Albert and Elizabeth as she noted in one of her letters to William Edgar Hall that she was married to Albert Eustis in Milwaukee.

Vital Records

P.O. Box 309

Madison, WI.


cost $7.00

        In January of 2001 I received word from Wisconsin V.R. that they have no record of the marriage of Elizabeth and Albert.  They said their files prior to 1907 are incomplete and that I should inquire directly to the city of Milwaukee.

        The two were supposed to have been divorced.  It was said to have started in Illinois and ended in Mass?


Notes for MABEL E. FISKE:

        Mabel E. Fiske was Albert E. Hall's first cousin.

        When Mabel was in Worcester High School she lists her address as 75 Piedmont Street, Worcester, Mass.  She was a Junior in High School in 1878.  She writes her full name in her Arithmetic book as Mabel Estella Auduboro Fiske and in another place as Mabel E. A. S. Fiske



18.              i.    WILLIE EDGAR8 HALL, b. July 09, 1882, Chicago, Illinois; d. Abt. November 30, 1965, Worcester, Massachusetts.

                  ii.    CLAYTON EDISON HALL, b. August 22, 1884, Chicago?; d. April 22, 1886, Chicago?.



       He was second child of Albert Eustis Hall and Elizabeth Behrs Hall.  Mother's letters state "Clatie" died of natural causes, spinal meningitis.  William Edgar Hall in tape said he thought that his brother was dropped and died.

       Elizabeth Behrs writes that "Clatie" was buried in ------burn Lark, Illinois at Mt. Olivet Cemetery.  He is said to be buried with his grandfather Behrs and there is an inscription about him on the headstone.

       Gloria Brown Engle, Elizabeth Behrs grand-daughter said that she thought Clayton fell out of a highchair and did get meningitis when he died.  She also said that she felt Elizabeth never recovered from the loss of Clayton and William.

William Carl Hall called all the Mt. Olivet Cemeteries in Chicago and located one where Elizabeth Behrs was buried along with five other people including John Behrs, her husband, who was initially supposed to have been buried with Clayton Hall.  This was mentioned in a letter to William Edgar Hall from his mother Elizabeth Behrs.  Interestingly there is a Hall buried in the Behrs plot but the person is identified as John J. Hall died or buried May 20, 1886.  The first names are different and the date of death differs from the one I have already.  What other Hall could it possibly be?  The cemetery is on 2755 West 111th Street near California in the Mt. Greenwood neighborhood.  Phone number is (773) 238-4435.  Lot 187, block 18.


15.  WILLIAM JUDSON7 HALL (WILLIAM EUSTIS6, JAMES5, TIMOTHY4, TIMOTHY3, RICHARD 22, RICHARD 11) was born September 14, 1861, and died 1921.  He married ANNIE HOVEY December 13, 1888, daughter of EBEN HOVEY and MARGERETT C..



        William Judson Hall is the person I remember referred to as Uncle Will by my grandfather William Edgar Hall.  I had also heard he was "bald as a cue ball", but William Floyd refutes that appellation; says he had hair.  For better or worse he acted as step-father for William Edgar Hall, who felt he was treated as somewhat of a second-rate person by his aunt and uncle after his father died.  William Judson appears to have been the person who got the majority of the Hall family wealth at the death of his father William Eustis.  Albert Eustis predeceased his father by a few years and therefore his son William Edgar got some inheritance from Wm. Eustis Hall including a part interest in a house, but probably not as much as William Judson Hall, his uncle, got.

        William Floyd Hall, when questioned, say he cannot remember that William Judson ever had a job.  In the early 1900s he lived with his wife, Annie Hovey, on Nottingham Street in Worcester.  About 1925 or 1926 William Judson and his son Robert Judson commissioned William Edgar Hall to build a two family house for them at 9 Fiske Street and their families lived there.  Some letters to Wm. Edgar Hall apparently from Wm. Judson seem to indicate along with recollections from Wm. Floyd Hall that the family spent some time at Biddeford Pool in Maine in the summer.

        A picture card in William Edgar Hall's scrapbook as a child has a color business card from the W. J. Hall & Co. advertising hats, caps and furnishing goods.  Address was 204 Thirty First St., Chicago, Ill.  Grilly block. copyright 1882.


Notes for ANNIE HOVEY:

        William Floyd Hall in oral communication thought she was from Hallowell, Maine.  He also thought that the family used to summer at Biddeford Pool, Maine and that may have been how they met.



                   i.    ROBERT JUDSON8 HALL, b. April 09, 1890, Worcester, Mass.; d. 1951; m. CHARLOTTE WILLIAMS, June 30, 1917.



       The son of William Judson Hall, Robert Judson Hall went to Clark University and had employment at the Walden-Worcester Wrench Company on Shrewsbury Street, Worcester.  William Floyd remembers him as musically inclined and a tightwad with his money.  He also remembers that Robert would frequently drive right by him on his way to classes at Worcester Tech and never once stopped to give him a ride.  He felt a bit ignored by the moneyed side of the family.  Story has it that when he died his wife Charlotte (Williams) Hall got the money.



       Had no children.

William Floyd Hall said that after William Judson and Robert Judson died the Hall family money went to Charlotte, Robert's widow, and somehow it got to the Murphy family of Philadelphia.


16.  GEORGE HENRY7 HALL (JAMES MUNROE6, JAMES5, TIMOTHY4, TIMOTHY3, RICHARD 22, RICHARD 11) was born February 03, 1848 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, and died March 10, 1914 in Boston, Massachusetts.  He married UNK..



        V.R. of Shrewsbury show only a line for the childs name but lists it as a boy.  This is the person referred to by William Edgar Hall in his written family tree as "George Hall of Boston who had a son George.

        Personal research by William C. Hall in Brookfield revealed George Henry Hall to be buried with his parents in the cemetery.  His birth date on the marker corresponds with that of _____ Hall child born in 1848 that is recorded in Shrewsbury.  There was no wife buried with George in Brookfield, but his death certificate obtained in Boston lists him as a widower.  I suspect then that he was married and may have had the son, George jr., referred to by William Edgar Hall.

        William C. Hall has obtained the death certificate of George Henry Hall and it shows that he was white, a widower, and died of angina pectoris with arterial-sclerosis.  He lived on 88 Greenwood Street, which on a cursory search of the streets in Boston as of 2001 appears to be in Dorchester.  His occupation is listed as none, perhaps because he was retired at 66?  His parents were James M. Hall and Sophia Rice both listed as having been born in Shrewsbury, Mass.

        George Henry Hall's obituary in a Boston area paper revealed that he did die in Dorchester suddenly of heart failure at the age of 66.  Funeral services were said to be held at the residence of his son, George H. Hall, jr., at his residence at 88 Greenwood Street.  Interment was said to be in Brookfield, Mass. which has been verified by Wm. C. Hall at a visit to that cemetery. 

        New records in the form of probate papers state that George was a conduit foreman "who last dwelt on 25 Union park Street".  Also under his possessions it states that he owned no property (he may not have or possibly transferred it to his son before death) and that he was due wages fro N.E.T.&T. Co. (New England Telephone and Telegraph Co. ?)  His total net worth at the time of his death was $595.82 and some stock certificates.


Notes for UNK.:

        I believe that George had a wife despite the fact that he was buried with his parents in Brookfield without the wife.  His death certificate listed him as a widower, and also recollections of William Edgar Hall indicated that George had a son George.


Children of GEORGE HALL and UNK. are:

                   i.    GEORGE HENRY HALL8 JR..



       I think he is a jr. because his first name and middle initial are the same as his fathers.  Also this person is the one living at 88 Greenwood Street in Dorchester.  In 1914 he was listed as div. Eng. of plant 170 Summer rm. 516.


                  ii.    JAMES M. F. HALL.


Notes for JAMES M. F. HALL:

James appears for the first time in the probate records of his father George H. Hall.  It lists him as the son of George H. Hall and lists his residence as of 1914 as Chicago, Illinois.




Notes for EDNA HALL:

        Only appears as a child of James M. Hall on William Edgar Hall's written family tree and has not been found in the V.R. to substantiate who she was.  She does appear on William Eustis Hall's will of 1907 as "my niece, Edna Montague, of Riverside, Calif.



                   i.    JAMES8 MONTAGUE.



Generation No. 8


18.  WILLIE EDGAR8 HALL (ALBERT EUSTIS7, WILLIAM EUSTIS6, JAMES5, TIMOTHY4, TIMOTHY3, RICHARD 22, RICHARD 11) was born July 09, 1882 in Chicago, Illinois, and died Abt. November 30, 1965 in Worcester, Massachusetts.  He married MARY GERTRUDE LEE August 21, 1907 in Worcester, Massachusetts, daughter of WILLIAM LEE and MARY O'DONNELL.



        Reports from the Limerick Ancestry show that Mary Lee was indeed born in Ballyfeerode, Ireland, her mother a teacher and her father a shopkeeper and small farmer.  Her birth records show that she was eight years older than her spouse William Edgar Hall, the Irish being notorious for fudging their stated age.  The large Hall family Bible lists Mary G. Lee's date of birth as June 6, 1877 which is at variance with the documents sent to William C. Hall from Ireland!


Children of WILLIE HALL and MARY LEE are:

19.              i.    ALBERT LEE9 HALL, b. July 11, 1908, Worcester, Massachusetts; d. February 29, 1996, West Hartford, Connecticut.

                  ii.    WILLIAM FLOYD HALL, b. February 13, 1915; m. JEAN ROOT, January 27, 1948, First Congregational Church, Sutton, Mass..



       "Uncle Bill" as he is known to William Carl Hall is a true son of Worcester having been born there at 578 Pleasant Street, educated there at Worcester Tech, married there to Jean Root and taught high school there, and has remained in town in retirement.  He has been the custodian of much of the historical resources for the Hall family from Grandpa Hall's priceless letters from his sister and mother, to many of the photos, verbal reminiscences, and tool boxes of our families earlier tradesmen.  He is a collector of the highest order, a scientist and a fun guy who is living his life to the fullest even in his eighties.

       Conversations with William F. Hall Feb, 2002 indicated that he graduated from Classical High School, Worcester, then graduated from Worcester Tech in 1937.  He taught Chemistry and Physics at Commerce and south High Schools in Worcester until his retirement.  He related in this conversation that there are Bemise’s and Hildreth’s buried in Hope Cemetery who are in some was related to the Halls.  Also, he said that the Lee family members in Worcester are buried in St. Johns Cemetery, Worcester.

       As a boy he and his brother, Albert Lee Hall, and his father, Willie Edgar Hall attended the Pilgrim Church near 98 Woodland Street.  He was named after William Floyd, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence because his father liked the name.

       While he does not think that William Judson's side of the family had much to do with Willie Edgar's side of the family he does remember having Thanksgiving dinners at the home of William Judson who at one time owned a house on Nottingham Road overlooking Indian Lake in Worcester.


Notes for JEAN ROOT:

Jean Root was born in Poland, her real surname being Rutkowski.  This apparently occurred because as WW I approached her parents were worried about family back in Poland so they left the United States and returned to Poland.  When fighting broke out they were stranded there and Jeans mother was pregnant so she was born there.  The family returned to the United States after the war.



Generation No. 9


19.  ALBERT LEE9 HALL (WILLIE EDGAR8, ALBERT EUSTIS7, WILLIAM EUSTIS6, JAMES5, TIMOTHY4, TIMOTHY3, RICHARD 22, RICHARD 11) was born July 11, 1908 in Worcester, Massachusetts, and died February 29, 1996 in West Hartford, Connecticut.  He married QUEENEZE SIGNORA OLSON October 12, 1940 in Worcester, Massachusetts, daughter of OSCAR OLSON and SIGNE SVENSON.



        Albert Lee Hall was born in Worcester, Mass. possibly on 578 Pleasant Street and attended public schools where he excelled academically.  He claims to have been born on the kitchen table.  He did not appear to be very involved in sports.  He was on the debating team at Classical High School.  He attended Amherst College just before "The Great Depression" and then went on to Harvard Law School.  At Amherst he said he did run track and had a great deal of difficulty passing the colleges mandatory swimming requirement, but he finally did.  Wm F. Hall, his brother, said that at his graduation he was not allowed to receive his diploma with the class because he had not met his swimming requirement and that his parents were very worried about where he was as he did not attend.  He apparently had gone to thepresident of the colleges house to get a waiver so he could graduate but they did not give it to him.  He received his diploma later that summer.   After marrying Queeneze Olson, who he met during the presidential campaign of Landon and Knox, he went into the service during W.W.II in the Army Air Corp.  He achieved the rank of Captain.  After the war the couple moved to Pittsfield, Mass. where Albert was a lawyer for the Berkshire Life Insurance Company.  Their sons William and Jeffrey were born there.  After a brief stint in private practice the family moved to West Hartford, Conn. where Albert was Mortgage Loan Officer for the Aetna Life Insurance Co.

        By the time of his retirement, Albert had few outside interests other than reading and short vacations to Maine.  He and his wife spent much of their time at home in their later years.  Albert's health failed slowly from arthritis and inactivity.  He had chronic kidney stones and a bout of diverticulitis that required surgery at which time he had a small stroke.  He managed for a while at home, but eventually spent the last two years of his life at Saint Mary Home, a nursing home, where he died in West Hartford at the age of 87 years.

        He was smart, personable when he wanted to be, a hard worker and provider for his family.  Also never one to turn away "a spot of bourbon".  He predeceased his wife by 2 years.  They are buried together in the West Hartford Cemetery.



Cause of Death: Heart failure, old age (died in St. Mary Nursing Home W. Hfd.)



        Born in Stockholm, Maine and moved to Worcester, Mass. at an early age and went to public schools there.  She was athletic and did a great deal of speedskating at Burncoat park and won some medals.  She was quite bright and was going to attend Framingham Normal School but some family problem arose preventing this, possibly the Great Depression.  She was attractive and was probably somewhat selective about boyfriends as she did not wed until she was 30. 

        She was working at the State Mutual Life Insurance Co. in Worcester as a secretary when she met Albert Hall at a Landon/Knox for president group.  The couple wed in 1940 and Al went into the service and they lived in New Rochelle, N.Y. then Orlando, Fla. and finally Wright Patterson A.F.B. in Ohio.  They returned to Pittsfield, Mass.  "Queenie", as she was known, lost her first pregnancy very early to a miscarriage in 1944 but went on to have two children.  She lived as a housewife, was active in the First Congregational Church and did volunteer work. She was a good mother to her children, loved to play boaed games especially , but worried a lot.  The couple later moved to West Hartford, Conn. in 1964 when Albert changed jobs.  She lived out their retirement there with occasional trips to Ogunquit, Me.  She kept her general health up to the end, but was terribly lonely after her husband died.  She complained considerably about her maladies and about her arthritis especially but did get around very well.  Her general outlook on life was fatalistic and pessimistic at times.

        She died suddenly at St. Francis Hospital of heart failure brought on by sudden abdominal blood loss, possibly mesenteric artery thrombosis or ruptured blood vessel or ulcer.  She was 87 at the time of her death.  She is buried with her husband Albert in Fairview  cemetery near West Hartford center.  They have a flush marker as it is a two person plot.

        I have talked to the town clerk of Stockholm, Maine and she verified that Queeneze was born there Nov. 16, 1910.  Her mother was listed as Signe Olson and her place of birth was only listed as Sweden, Europe.  The same clerk said there was no record of any Swenson births or that of Carl Olson, Queeneze's older brother.  This bears further checking.



Cause of Death: Heart failure secondary to abdominal blood loss (artery thrombosis or ulcer)



20.              i.    WILLIAM CARL10 HALL, b. March 05, 1946, Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

21.             ii.    JEFFREY LEE HALL, b. January 24, 1949, Pittsfield, Massachusetts.



Generation No. 10


20.  WILLIAM CARL10 HALL (ALBERT LEE9, WILLIE EDGAR8, ALBERT EUSTIS7, WILLIAM EUSTIS6, JAMES5, TIMOTHY4, TIMOTHY3, RICHARD 22, RICHARD 11) was born March 05, 1946 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. 


21.  JEFFREY LEE10 HALL (ALBERT LEE9, WILLIE EDGAR8, ALBERT EUSTIS7, WILLIAM EUSTIS6, JAMES5, TIMOTHY4, TIMOTHY3, RICHARD 22, RICHARD 11) was born January 24, 1949 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. 




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