Hall Family (line of Joseph(1) Hall, son of Richard(1) Hall of Bradford, MA)

This is the Hall Family line as far as it has been researched. The research has been conducted by my aunt, Erma Backman. If you would like additional information, you may contact Erma at this address: 9606 Nina, Omaha, NE 68124. Please contact me at huskers@srv.net if you think there may be a family connection. We can compare notes.

First Generation

Richard HALL (1644/45-1730 Massachusetts) mar. Martha (Hall)

Second Generation

Joseph HALL (1680-1750 Massachusetts) mar. Sarah Kimball (1686 Massachusetts)

Third Generation

Joseph HALL (1707-1784) mar. Debra Abbott
Susannah HALL (1710-)
Benjamin HALL (1712-1795) mar. Rebecca Farnham
David HALL (1714-)
Jonathan HALL (1716-1809 Massachusetts/Mew Hampshire) mar. Mehitable Kimball (1720/21-1808 Massachusetts/New Hampshire)
Nathaniel HALL (1719-1803) mar. Mary Wood
Ebenzer HALL (1721-1801) mar.
Obadiah HALL (1723-1783) mar.
Hannah Kimball
Sarah HALL (1725-)
Moses HALL (1727-)
Hannah HALL (1735-) mar. Richard Herbert

Fourth Generation

Children of Jonathan and Mehitable Kimball Hall

Betsy HALL (1742-1821) mar. Joseph Dearborn
Susan HALL (1743-1821) mar. Walter Robie
Jonathan HALL (1745-) mar. Hannah Butterfield
Josiah HALL (1747-1825) mar. Ruth French
Mehitable HALL (1749-1832) mar.
John Robie
Joseph HALL (1752-1832/3 New Hampshire) mar. Ruth Harriman (1750- New Hampshire)
Benjamin HALL (1756-1806) mar. Abigail Emerson
Priscilla HALL (1760-1815) mar. Francis Porter

Fifth Generation

Children of Joseph and Ruth Harriman Hall

Moses HALL (1777-1859)
Joseph HALL (1781-)
Reuben HALL (1782-)
Abigail HALL (1784-)
Jonathan HALL (1786-)
Benjamin HALL (1788-1789)
Naomi HALL (1791-)
Benjamin Kimball HALL (1793-1875 New Hampshire/Utah) mar. 1st Mehitable Sawyer (1806-1886); mar. 2nd Elizabeth Craig
Henry Joseph HALL (1795-1872) mar. Emily Augusta Wood
Mehitable Green HALL (possible child)

Sixth Generation

Children of Benjamin Franklin and Mehitable Sawyer Hall

Horace Loomis HALL (1829-1845 Massachusetts/)
Eliza Marie HALL (1830-1836 Massachusetts/)
Dorothy Merrill HALL (1832-1900 Massachusetts/) mar. William Boss
Mary Kingsbury HALL (1833-1920 Massachusetts/) mar. Elisha Mallory
Catherine HALL (1835-1898 Massachusetts/) mar. Benjamin F. Cummings
Helen Sawyer HALL (1837-1837 Ohio)
Louisa Marie HALL (1839-1924 Illinois/) mar. Charles Harris
William Henry HALL (1842-1913 Illinois/) mar. Martha Ann Gilson
Benjamin Franklin HALL (1847-1921 Iowa/Idaho) mar. Mary Serepta Lake (1854-1919 Utah/Idaho)

Seventh Generation

Children of Benjamin Franklin and Mary Serepta Lake Hall

Hubert Franklin HALL (1871-1957 Utah) mar. Margaret Clark
Cumer Green HALL (1872-1961 Utah/Idaho) mar.
1st Zola Christopher; mar. 2nd Nora Douglas
Laura May HALL (1874-1969 Utah/Idaho) mar.
John Alonzo Hickman
Ira Amos HALL (1876-1958 Utah/Idaho) mar.
Lucy Vilate Park
Lucy Maude HALL (1877-1964 Utah/Idaho) mar.
Samuel Harvey Park (1877-1962 Utah/Idaho)
Albert Owen HALL (1880-1972 Utah/Idaho) mar. Clarissa Clark
Warren Lloyd HALL (1883-1956 Utah/Idaho) mar. Della May Campbell
Riley HALL (1885-1953 Utah/Idaho) mar. Mina Bitton
Mary Idell HALL (1888- Idaho) mar. Warren Merrill
Kathryn HALL (1897-1979 (Idaho) mar. Arthur Drake

Eighth Generation

Children of and Lucy Maude Hall and Samuel Harvey Park

Samuel Ernest PARK (1901-1993 Idaho)
David Albert PARK (1903-1992 Idaho) mar. Delila (deceased)
Effie May PARK (1904-1992 Idaho/Nebraska) mar. David Gregorie Delimont (1901-1977 Nebraska)
Lela Maude PARK (deceased) mar. John Raymond Groth (deceased)
Hazel Eloise PARK (living) mar. George Anthony Butler (deceased)
George Wayne PARK (1916-1916 Idaho)
Unknown PARK (1917-1917 Idaho)
Sadie Jane Serepta PARK (living) mar. Cornelius Gotfred Groot (deceased)

Ninth Generation

Children of Effie May Park and David Gregorie Delimont

Erma May DELIMONT (living) mar. Raymond Francis Backman (deceased)
Harvey Francis DELIMONT (living) mar. Rosette Minnette (Rae) Friedman (deceased)
Neil Alfred DELIMONT (living) mar. Ruth Elaine Main (living)
Albert Rullen DELIMONT (living) mar. Bonnie Marie Payton (living)
Adelle Maud DELIMONT (living) mar. William Dale Bjugstad (living)
David Lee DELIMONT (living) mar. Judith Kay Burianek (living)

Tenth Generation

Children of David Lee and Judith Kay Burianek Delimont

William Dale DELIMONT (deceased)
Barbara Jo DELIMONT (living)

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